Veterinary Facility Management Services & Medical Waste Disposal

SLM Facility Solutions provides environmentally responsible veterinary waste disposal and facility management services across the United States.

Veterinarian offices are often a flurry of patients and pet owners. It is easy for staff to forget about medical waste guidelines when dealing with injuries and treatments. As a result, veterinarians have historically overpaid for medical waste disposal, often paying for the same high monthly contracts as other medical facilities. The priority for safety and efficacy must prevail to assure hazardous waste is appropriately dealt with at the appropriate pricing. This is where SLM Facility Solutions can help.

Veterinary clinics, surgery centers and other healthcare professional Vet offices, need to dispose of medical waste in a way which is safe and fully complies with all federal, state and local regulations. Medical waste of all types must be safely disposed of and regulations are complex and ever-changing. In addition, there are financial penalties for Vet Care professional offices to improperly dispose of waste, all of this can make managing the safe, legal disposal feel overwhelming. Let SLM Facility Solutions take the burden of veterinary facility management off your shoulders. Our waste disposal and facilities upkeep services are geared to handling all veterinary wastes, from animal bedding and tissue, through to building maintenance and exterior care.

How SLM Facility Solutions Tackles Veterinary Waste Disposal

Whether you just opened your veterinary clinic or have a well-established animal hospital, you need a way to categorize or characterize your waste, identify hazardous materials, store these items for pickup, transport them to a disposal site and then permanently and legally dispose of them. At SLM Facility Solutions, we have designed a list of services tailored to the veterinary industry. Beyond standard medical waste, we provide a tailored facility management solution for on-demand type services such as Handyman, Plumbing, Electrical, Lighting, Signage, Parking Lot Repairs & Maintenance, HVAC repairs, coupled with recurring services of Waste and Recycling, Grease Interceptor and HVAC services to match the needs of your facility.

During our initial on-site assessment, we will determine specific needs for your veterinary office, design a program, and provide you with all regulated containers. You can expect reliable pickups of your infectious and sharps waste. You can expect to see manifests at the time of your billing and a duplicate set kept on hand at SLM for easy retrieval.

You take care of your patients all day. Let SLM Facility Solutions take care of your veterinary clinic or veterinary hospital.

Types of Veterinarian Waste We Handle

  • Infectious Agents, Cultures, and Culture Medium
  • Animal Waste
  • Animal Remains
  • Organic Tissues
  • Drugs
  • Chemical solutions
  • Blood products
  • Solid Waste (Contaminated Gloves, Towels and Pipettes)
  • Liquid Waste (Mediums, Blood, and Bodily Fluids)
  • Sharps Waste (Needles, Scalpels, Slides, and Syringes)
  • Disinfectants
  • Miscellaneous Medical or Hazardous Waste

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