The Case of the Banging Fan

The Problem: “We can barely hear ourselves eating over here.” “What is that BANGING?” “We didn’t come here for the noise.” But noise was the dominant theme in one restaurant.  Customers described it as like eating in a metal shop, on a submarine or in a very old Pontiac. The Restaurant’s store manager called SLM […]

Some Winter HVAC Maintenance Tips

This is the time of year when we all pay close attention to our heating systems – and we are all grateful that they are there for us, especially now that we get regular updates on a “polar vortex” or other cold winter weather systems. Although heating and cooling systems provide a useful service by […]

Are You About To Blow Your Cool?

Given the amount of equipment that is required to run most buildings and businesses, it’s amazing to consider what it must take to keep all of that equipment in optimal operating condition. There are so many things can happen with equipment that it can be a daily exercise just to make sure everything is running […]

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