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Facilities Management: Just Like That

We have a saying at SLM: Just Like That. At SLM, this is more than just a simple phrase — it’s a maxim. Whether it be an overabundance of trash or a major grease trap overflow, we are there for our clients and their facilities when they need us most. Just Like That. As for what we do, as the nation’s largest women-owned facility service provider, we specialize in creating sustainable and cost-saving facility management solutions for companies just like yours across the nation.

About SLM

SLM Facilities Solutions Nationwide is the nations largest women-owned facility service provider in the nation. We save our clients millions by assisting with facilities operations and procuring professionals through a simplified approach that achieves greater profits.

We are a sustainable facility waste management provider serving corporate facilities, equity groups, procurement, the retail industry, and operations departments seeking compliance and facility waste conversion into viable resources yielding increased profits. Unlike other parallel companies, SLM Facility Solutions Nationwide is responsive and customer-centric; offering value-added expertise through a simplified approach applying our innovative analytics tool – producing unequaled customer ROI.

Over 15 years ago, SLM revolutionized the way facility maintenance is handled by acting as a middle-person between the facility’s customer and its vendors while also managing its waste-related commodities. This unique approach has saved SLM clients millions of dollars annually. To no surprise, SLM is the chosen facilities management company that provides businesses, retail companies, and high-profile restaurants nationwide exceptional service.

We maintain our client’s business properties 24/7/365 and provide them with a comprehensive, proactive way of managing their facilities. Many customer’s comment on the outstanding customer service they receive. It’s no wonder more than 95% of our customers renew with us.

Headquartered in Green Lane, Pennsylvania, SLM has more than 12,000 facilities management partners in its nationwide preferred vendor program. This coast-to-coast penetration enabled the company to serve more than 15,000 clients with unmatched responsiveness and at the same time, realizing substantial savings on building maintenance costs. It’s a big business approach with small company appeal.

Every SLM employee is accountable for the success of it’s client’s facility management program, and works tirelessly to ensure a smooth operation. SLM’s Emergency Readiness Team (ERT) is available 24/7/365. At SLM, we’re not satisfied unless you are 100% satisfied.

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