As most restaurant owners know, your cooking oil still has value after you fried all your food for the day.  Used Cooking Oil (UCO) Haulers will pick it up for no cost or you may receive a rebate depending on your market. However, how do you transfer your cooking oil from inside your fryer easily and store it where the hauler can service?

There are various way to do so depending on your facility’s needs. Below are 4 of the most common ways to transport your UCO from your fryer.


Outdoor Storage System

This is the most common method for storing your used cooking oil. A barrel or container is placed outside, usually in your corral area, for your employees to manually carry the oil from the fryer to.

There are a handful of draw backs to this method. There is a risk of your employees being splashed with hot oil or pulling as muscle as they manually carry the UCO to your storage container and pour it. Also, the chance of the UCO spilling on the ground leaving a mess and possible environmental impacts is greater. Finally, although there are screens and locks you can use to guard your commodity, thieves are on the prowl and this is the most place for your oil to disappear from as thieves are always lurking.


Indoor Caddy System

The Indoor Caddy System is an ideal option for kitchens with limited space but aiming to lower the risks of injuries and burns.

The caddy can be stored anywhere in your facility. When ready to use simply wheel it to the fryer, connect a hose and drain the oil. The caddy is then wheeled to the storage container where it is drained via the hose. It’s as easy as, well pie! The storage system can be placed quite a distance away from your fryer, so if your space is limited you don’t have to stress about having a cumbersome unit in your way.


Indoor Pump Station 

The Indoor Pump Station is similar to the Indoor Caddy System with the exception of the wand. Instead of the hose draining your oil the wand is installed on a wall near the fryer and storage tank. It then siphons the UCO from your fryer into the container.

This system, however, alleviates the need to manual remove the UCO from the fryer lowering the risks of injury. However, proper safety gear is recommended to lower the risks of spills, burns and other oil-related accidents further.


Direct Pump Station

This method eliminates manual labor, significantly reduces risk of injury, prevents theft, and increases your facilities efficiency making this the easiest and safest option overall.

Usually installed indoors, but there is an option for outdoor storage as well, the storage container is directly connected to the dryer via a pump. Your employees simply flip a switch to activate the pump.


While these are the most commonly used methods there are still others out there. It’s important to consider all methods while weighing your facility’s needs before selecting one. When in doubt, call SLM at 888.847.4449 to consult with our used cooking oil experts as to the best method for your facility.