Don’t turn customers away with an unkempt exterior – outsourced commercial exterior maintenance ensures a clean appearance. After all, the exterior of your commercial facility shows the world a lot about your business. What face do you want to put forward? Neglected exteriors create an uninviting image and potentially pose a danger. 

Regular Commercial Exterior Maintenance Is a Necessity

Too often, facility managers focus on the interior needs of a building, because it’s where the work is performed. The exterior of a commercial building matters, however, for many reasons. Curb appeal is just as valuable in business as it is when selling a home. 

Is your facility’s exterior image well kept and inviting, or disheveled and unwelcoming? Just as with the interior of your facility, the exterior requires a range of regular maintenance tasks to keep up appearances and protect structures on the property. 

Depending on the environment in which your business sits, commercial exterior maintenance needs may be more demanding than those inside.

The neglect of exterior maintenance services creates a significant expense for businesses in the following ways:

  • More complex maintenance needs from an ignored maintenance routine, which allows issues to grow and cause additional damage.
  • More work orders to deal with spiraled problems or result from the disrepair of your facility.
  • Higher operating costs associated with the increased maintenance needs of a facility in exterior disrepair.
  • Potential lost revenue due to a shabby exterior that turns away customers. 

Finally, it begs the question in customers’ minds, what else are you ignoring? Health codes? Safety violations? Don’t risk the damage to the perception of your business as well as claims from trips and falls from uneven sidewalks or the like. 

Outsourced Commercial Exterior Maintenance Saves Time & Money

Outsourced commercial exterior maintenance is an option for businesses without the people power to deal with maintenance needs outside the building. 

An experienced commercial provider helps your business tackle existing issues from neglect as well as creates a proactive program to manage exterior maintenance as time progresses. 

A thorough exterior commercial maintenance program looks at the present, the upcoming, and the future to address the needs of a commercial facility. It identifies and details all areas in need of current and ongoing maintenance. 

This allows your facility to budget for their expense. This, therefore, creates a manageable program for your business both financially and physically.

Outsourced commercial exterior maintenance also ensures your facility is properly preserved. Your maintenance provider regularly inspects the property to ensure its condition. 

A thorough maintenance plan is your best asset in saving on capital expenditures – a smaller investment in regular exterior maintenance and minor fixes preserves the useful life of structures such as parking lots, lighting, exterior finishes, and more. Delay or avoid major investments in capital improvements with proper maintenance.

With outsourced commercial exterior maintenance, facility owners save time and money on their routine outdoor tasks. SLM Facility Solutions provides a plethora of exterior services to manage multiple facility needs. 

Outsourced commercial exterior maintenance services include:

  • Irrigation and lawn care
  • Planting, removal, and tree trimming
  • Power washing and graffiti removal
  • Exterior painting
  • Masonry and hardscaping
  • Parking lot repair and line stripping
  • Curb and gutter repair
  • Signage and exterior lighting
  • Fence and gate repairs
  • Roof repair and surveying

Contact SLM Facility Solutions for Outsourced Commercial Exterior Maintenance Needs 

In conclusion, keep your facility clean cut and safe with outsourced commercial exterior maintenance solutions from SLM Facility Solutions. If you’re unsure of the services you need, our maintenance experts are happy to assess your facility and make recommendations for an appropriate scope of work.

Get started with outsourced commercial exterior maintenance services today and start saving time and money. Contact SLM Facility Solutions now.