Anyone who runs a restaurant knows they’re energy guzzlers so energy saving tips for restaurants are always valuable. Improve the energy efficiency of your restaurant to lower your energy consumption. This makes your restaurant eco-friendlier and reduces your utility bills. In this blog, we review some no-cost tips and low-cost tips plus how to incorporate your staff into your changes.

Energy Saving Tips for Restaurants: No-Cost Tips

What is better than no-cost ways to save money? These tips help you reduce your energy consumption and cost you nothing.

  • Keep your equipment clean and follow the maintenance schedule. Dirty, dusty or greasy equipment does not function properly. It requires more energy to operate and increases your energy bills.
  • Turn off water. Encourage your staff to turn off the water anytime they are not actively using it. This tip likely requires some training and reminders, but it is worth it for lower utility bills.
  • Evaluate the efficiency of your layout. Do you have equipment meant to heat (like ovens) right next to equipment meant to cool (like ice machines)? Each piece of equipment is probably working harder than it needs to be. Consider your layout as a way to make your equipment more efficient.

Energy Saving Tips for Restaurants: Low-Cost Tips

Implement these low-cost energy saving tips for restaurants as the need arises in your kitchen.

  • Replace older equipment with ENERGY STAR® appliances. These appliances work just as well as other models, but consume less energy when doing so!
  • As lightbulbs burn out; replace them with more energy-efficient models such as LED or CFL bulbs.
  • Install a programmable thermostat. These thermostats keep the restaurant comfortable during occupied hours but adjust when empty. Set a schedule so you never even have to think about adjusting it until the season changes. Try a Wi-Fi-connected thermostat and adjust temperatures from your smartphone onsite or remotely. 

Share Energy Saving Opportunities with Staff

As with any changes to a business, education is key. Do not expect staff to cooperate fully without a complete understanding of the new expectations. Further, involve them in the process as well as explain why changes are necessary to increase buy-in and improve morale. 

Once you implement changes or new policies, it is up to your staff to carry them out, so start things off on the right foot. 

Start by asking for suggestions and consider all those you receive. Be sure to present your new changes as an improvement on behalf of the team. Keep a positive attitude and remember to be patient with mistakes as they implement new procedures.

How SLM Helps

SLM has the experience and expertise to help you make the most of your energy dollars! Our staff is completely dedicated to your efficient operation. We consult on overall energy efficiency or focus on individual areas which need the most improvement. 

Our services include waste management, grease trap services, hood cleaning and fire suppression, HVAC, plumbing, construction and exterior needs. Whatever your restaurant requires, SLM is here to help. Call us today!