We all have them: grease interceptors. A restauranteur’s nightmare is when your grease interceptor backs up.  The mess, the cleanup, the delay in service, and the cost are just part of the headache! With proper maintenance, you reduce your risk for a backup and operate a more efficient facility. Read on to learn more about common causes of grease interceptors backing up.

Grease Interceptor Guide

A grease interceptor is simply a plumbing device that separates the fats, oils, and grease (FOG) from the kitchen wastewater. These systems prevent major clogs in pipes and municipal water treatment facilities. 

As a necessary part of your industrial kitchen, your grease interceptor needs maintenance. 

Common Causes of Grease Interceptors Backing Up

When you know the common causes of grease interceptors backing up, you are in a better position to avoid these headaches:

  • Crossover Clog – your grease interceptor has two chambers. The first one is where the FOG is trapped along with other food waste. The second chamber is for wastewater. If a piece of FOG or food becomes lodged in the crossover pipe, it prevents the water from flowing through.
  • Incoming Line Clog – when FOG or other debris become backed up in the incoming line it causes the water to stop flowing and your grease interceptor stops functioning properly. 
  • Outgoing Line Clog – an outgoing line clog causes both chambers of your grease interceptor to back up and eventually spill out of the system.
  • Full Grease Trap – your main compartment needs to be emptied regularly. If it is not, the FOG and food waste spills into the wastewater chamber and clog your lines.

Proper Grease Interceptor Maintenance

Proper grease interceptor maintenance and operation significantly reduces the common causes of grease interceptors backups. You have the choice to conduct maintenance in house or outsource the work. 

Due to the expertise and equipment required, many facilities choose to outsource their grease interceptor maintenance. Choose a maintenance plan and then not worry about this one.

SLM is your Efficiency Partner to Prevent Common Causes of Grease Interceptors Backing Up

SLM is your expert partner when it comes to grease interceptor maintenance and repair. We provide maintenance, ensure that you are up to code, and following all local laws. If you ever have a problem with a grease interceptor backup, we are available 24/7/365. We guarantee a four-hour response time and stay with you until the problem is resolved. 

Our experts are familiar with all the common causes of grease interceptors backing up. We are adept at working within the confines of an industrial kitchen and do so with minimal interruption to food service. We guarantee our work and your satisfaction. After all, we consider ourselves your partner in the restaurant industry.

At SLM, we provide more than just service; we provide peace of mind. Peace of mind knowing that experts are available any time you call. Peace of mind knowing that we worry about keeping you in compliance with codes, regulations, and laws. And peace of mind knowing that your complete satisfaction drives all that we do. Do not delay – call SLM to see how we work for you!