While facilities management strategies have largely shifted from reactive to proactive, there will always be a need for a certain level of reactive maintenance. On-demand facilities management involves the quick and flexible reactions businesses require to take control when unforeseen circumstances arise. By incorporating an on-demand element within your facility management strategy, you expand your capabilities and ensure your business always has access to the skilled services needed.

What Is On-Demand Facilities Management?

Proactive management strategies focus on preventive measures, while on-demand strategies come into play once problems arise. It focuses on reactive maintenance around a facility’s needs, including after hours. 

In the event of an unforeseen crisis, waiting until the next business day to address the issue has the potential to generate significant damage and expenses. For protection during these situations, partnering with an on-demand facilities management team is a cost-effective solution for businesses.

What Benefits Does My Facility Gain?

With on-demand facilities management services, your in-house team is expanded and enhanced. With specialized service providers ready at a moment’s notice, you have access to the skills needed as issues arise, instead of the expense of keeping such personnel on the payroll at all times. As your core maintenance team focuses on proactive measures, facility managers now have the power to bring in expert team members to handle reactive measures.

Hiring specialized labor is a challenge for many businesses, as skilled trade positions are increasingly difficult to fill. Instead of working through this hiring challenge, a dedicated on-demand team fills this need for you. Facilities managers turn to these teams to augment their in-house teams during emergent situations or unplanned issues.

With in-house teams focusing on proactive measures, consistently pulling these team members away from their primary focus for reactive tasks creates stress as well as job dissatisfaction. With an on-demand team available to pick up the slack and offer assistance, your in-house team is able to dedicate more focus to the preventive maintenance tasks that help your facility reduce the likelihood of emergency maintenance issues. Use dedicated support for tasks such as exterior services, and keep your team’s attention on prevention.

On-Demand Facilities Management Solutions from SLM

Many facilities choose to outsource on-demand facilities management, and for good reason. With SLM on your side, your facility has access to the skilled services when you need them, which is especially beneficial in the event of an emergency or another time-sensitive issue.

When an issue arises, the solution isn’t just as simple as sending a maintenance technician to perform a fix. Employees must be notified of the issue, the facility’s utilities or systems require shutoff or other attention; someone has to be on-site to let the maintenance technician in – SLM provides one simple solution for managing all the issues which arise in a maintenance emergency.

Partner with SLM Facilities Solutions Nationwide for facilities management and augment your in-house team with access to specialized service technicians. There’s no time wasted contracting out a service company when you need the job done fast, which prevents facility downtime as well as the time and resources involved in vetting contractors and obtaining quotes.

Expand your maintenance team without expanding human resources or the hassle of hiring contractors. SLM provides dedicated on-demand facilities management services for all types of facilities. Our programs are adaptable to your needs and deliver the right resources at the right time. Contact us today to learn more.