There are certain challenges in the healthcare industry you are bound to face as a facilities manager. These unique challenges increase responsibilities, as well as stress on the job. SLM Facilities Solutions Nationwide examines these common healthcare facility challenges and how we help.

Common Healthcare Facility Challenges

Each industry has their own challenges when it comes to facilities management – the healthcare industry is no different. As industry evolves, new challenges arise. The most major issues in healthcare for facilities managers today, and heading into 2020, include:

  • Security
  • Safety
  • Compliance
  • Industry change
  • Patient satisfaction

Security and Safety Concerns

Security as well as patient and employee safety are significant healthcare facility challenges faced in today’s world. Healthcare facilities are enhancing security systems and protocols to reduce the risk of a safety threat within the building. Increasing monitoring coverage within areas of the facility is a measure being taken by modern healthcare facilities, which requires coordination and assistance from the facilities management team. Emergency response systems are subject to new regulations and require consistent evaluation.

Maintaining Compliance

Hospitals and medical facilities must maintain strict compliance with regulations that are subject to constant change. Facilities managers are tasked with not only maintaining a safe and well-functioning facility, but also compliant with all applicable regulations. It is critical one knows the applicable codes and standards for their facility, the governing bodies with jurisdiction over the facility, and remain up to date on changes. A plan should be in place to quickly and effectively address changes to codes and standards as they are introduced to keep the facility in compliance.

Industry Changes

Today’s healthcare industry is seeing an increase in micro-hospital and urgent care facilities. With more locations to provide patient care, there becomes more facilities to manage, each with general needs and facility-specific needs. A facility manager may become a multi-facility manager, which adds responsibilities and the need to efficiently manage them.

As these micro-hospital and urgent care facilities pop up, they may operate out of office or retail space. This presents new challenges for the facility manager when compared to managing a company-owned facility. 

Patient Satisfaction

Patient satisfaction and treatment outcomes have increased in their impact on reimbursements, becoming growing healthcare facility challenges. Facility maintenance and management impacts patient comfort and infection control, both potentially affecting treatment outcomes. Patient satisfaction scores encompass feelings regarding the facility overall, from cleanliness, upkeep, even modern features – facility managers play an important role in helping a healthcare facility improve patient satisfaction scores in these areas.

SLM Addresses Healthcare Facility Challenges

While challenges facing healthcare facilities exist, facility management solutions do as well. Our healthcare facilities management solutions help you overcome healthcare facility challenges with the added benefit of reduced spending and unequaled return on investment. Our qualified experts and technicians in core facility fields are available 24/7/365 to meet your demands, even on an emergency basis.

Contact SLM Facilities Solutions Nationwide today to discuss how we can help your healthcare organization overcome these common challenges.