Facilities management is a complicated task which requires dedicated resources to keep up with your building’s needs. Outsourcing to a facilities management company is an option, but is it the right choice for your company? Review outsourced facilities management pros and cons to see how this could be the solution to your company’s challenges.

Outsourced Facilities Management Pros and Cons

When weighing the decision to keep facilities management responsibilities in house or to hire a company to fulfill these duties, consider these facilities management outsourcing pros and cons:


  • Broad expertise
  • Flexibility
  • Cost savings
  • Expanded access to equipment and technology
  • Reduced overhead


  • Not your employees
  • Possible delayed response
  • Loss of control

Pros of Outsourced Facilities Management

Let’s examine how outsourcing your facilities management duties can be beneficial for your company:

Broad Expertise

Employees with expertise in the many specific areas required to maintain your facility and its equipment come at a high payroll cost. Facilities often face challenges in hiring such employees, as it can be difficult to find talent with the attributes your company requires. Outsourcing facilities management provides your company with access to the broad expertise you need, without the cost of full-time staff or the challenges in finding them.


Outsourcing your facilities management is extremely flexible. You can keep an in-house maintenance staff and outsource only certain tasks, or turn to an external facilities team to tackle it all. Plus, outsourced facility services are accessible as you need them, providing quick response to emergent situations when you may not have the staff available.

Cost Savings

With the expertise developed by outsourced facility management vendors, your company benefits from the cost savings which results from the implementation of their tested and honed best practices. These strategic partners possess a network of resources you may not have in house, which results in savings for your business. Plus, your business does not have to worry about employee benefits and training or salaries for this specialized workforce.

Expanded Access to Equipment and Technology

The acquisition and maintenance of equipment and technology just for use in unexpected or rare situations comes at a significant cost. With outsourced facilities management and maintenance service, this is no longer your business’s burden. It allows you to access equipment and technology, when you need it – plus, your strategic partner is responsible for its costs and upkeep, not you. 

Reduced Overhead

As you can see, the benefits outlined above spell out significant savings in several operational areas. Through outsourcing your facilities management needs, your business reduces overhead in payroll, equipment and technology purchases and maintenance, and many other areas.

Cons of Outsourced Facilities Management

When you look at the pros and cons, the cons often cause unnecessary concern as you weigh this decision. At the surface level, these points may appear as a negative, but a quality facilities management company erases this concern.

Not Your Employees

Yes, when you use an outsourced facilities management company, the workers on your site are not your employees. This is one of the biggest concerns. SLM’s quality hiring practices assure our customers that our workers possess the skilled training needed to get the job done. Our employees are held to a high standard, undergo thorough employment screenings, and possess the appropriate credentials to meet your needs.

Potential Delayed Response

You may worry by outsourcing facilities management service, response times in emergent situations will be delayed because staff is not on site. SLM’s services are on-demand according to your needs. Our Emergency Readiness Team is always available and will always answer your call so services are dispatched quickly to avoid delays.

Loss of Control

With outsourced facilities management, it may feel like you are passing off control to another company – in reality, you remain fully in control of your services. SLM collaborates with our clients to develop a relationship which works for you. You always have the ability to freely communicate with our team and set expectations for your services.

Let Outsourced Facilities Management Services Supplement Your In-House Maintenance Team

SLM Facility Solutions Nationwide is committed to meeting the demands of our facilities management customers. We are eager to show you how the outsourced facilities management pros and cons come into play in our services and turn those perceived negatives into positives for your benefit. Contact us today to learn more about facilities management services for your business.