Kitchen Fire Suppression System Repair & Maintenance

SLM is equipped to install, maintain, service and repair a variety of fire suppression systems for the protection of your facility, employees and patrons.

When dealing with suppression systems, there are three main types to take into consideration when selecting and installing in your facility.

Fire Suppression Vendors

SLM has vendors experienced with all of the types of suppression methods described above. With any system comes a complex list of items to normally check up on to ensure your system is in order and is ready to go in the event of a fire. With preventative maintenance fire suppression inspections from SLM, your facility and system will:

  • Help you follow NFPA standards
  • Help keep your equipment functioning and ready
  • Promotes safety
  • May help increase insurance coverage eligibility

SLM understands that not everything always goes according to plan. Because of that, we have representatives available 24/7 in the event of an emergency repair needed on your suppression system.


Water is the most commonly used and most well known suppressant. This system can run on an automatic or a manual sprinkler system.

Inert Gasses

Fires need oxygen to continue to burn and spread, which makes inert gases an effective suppressant. The release of inert gases, such as purified nitrogen and argon, can be dangerous, but when used properly, they’re overwhelmingly effective in extinguishing fires.

Chemical Agents

There are two types of chemical agents that can be used in fire suppression systems: wet chemicals and dry chemicals. The most commonly used wet chemical is potassium carbonate and is also one of the safests fire suppression methods.

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