In the hospitality industry, your facility is one of the most important aspects of your business, as well as your most significant asset. As we wrap up 2019, it’s time to start planning hotel facility maintenance for next year. In this guide, we help you identify key areas for planning which will help you improve your maintenance program going into the new year.

2020 Tips for Better Hotel Facility Maintenance

The key areas for better hotel facility maintenance in 2020 are:

  1. Maintenance scheduling
  2. Streamlined reporting
  3. Equipment tracking

Maintenance Scheduling

In your facility, there are numerous elements which require regular maintenance, both for aesthetics and safety. Too often, business owners in the hospitality industry take a reactive approach to maintenance – meaning if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. In the end, this approach actually proves to be more costly and time consuming in a number of scenarios. 

Instead of reacting to problems when they arise, why not focus on their prevention? Your facility, and its essential equipment, need some regular servicing to maintain its appearance and operation – in 2020, make sure all needs are met by improving maintenance scheduling.

Identify all systems and areas where regular maintenance is required. This includes commercial HVAC systems, kitchen equipment, building exteriors, and more. Consult the maintenance timetables from your equipment manufacturers as well as code guidelines to determine how frequently maintenance is required for each element. Schedule these services now and get them on your facility maintenance team’s calendar for 2020 to ensure tasks are completed on time. This preventive approach helps facilities save money by avoiding equipment outages and lost business due to poor building and equipment conditions.

Streamlined Reporting

Do you know where your hotel facility maintenance records are? Do your technicians know where to turn them in? Are records even being kept?

It is essential that service records be kept organized and easily accessible, as this information needs to be considered in the event of repairs and when making capital improvement decisions. Train service staff regarding the completion of maintenance logs after every service. Appoint managers in the respective areas of your business to receive these reports from staff members and keep staff accountable for report completion. Keep service records organized by equipment and department so they are easily accessible when the need arises.

Equipment Tracking

A major problem in hotel facilities maintenance is not knowing what equipment is available, or where it is when you need it. Implement equipment tracking measures to protect your assets and ensure quick responses when maintenance issues arise. This information is especially important for portable machinery and tools.

For permanent systems, equipment tracking offers valuable information for budgeting and capital improvement planning. For HVAC systems, major plumbing equipment, kitchen machinery, lifts, and more, keep logs with essential information including serial numbers and the placed in service date. Track operation costs and expected service life.

Will I Benefit from Improved Facility Maintenance?

Superb facility maintenance is make or break in the hospitality industry. If your facility itself cannot handle the demands of your customers, opportunities and revenue are lost. Because of this, there are numerous areas these facilities need to allocate attention and resources, including:

  • Commercial HVAC
  • Commercial plumbing
  • Refrigeration
  • Ice machine and beverage equipment service
  • Electrical and lighting
  • Lawn care
  • Waste and recycling management
  • Kitchen maintenance
  • Grease trap and lift station service
  • Hood cleanings
  • Fire suppression
  • General construction
  • Exterior lighting, painting, and signage
  • Fence and gate service
  • Parking lot service

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